Iranians celebrate different occasions which have cultural, historical, or national and even international background. Few example of those are Norouz, Yalda, 4Shanbe Soori, Halloween. You may find out more here.

Dorehami organized these events, especially national and cultural ones, to introduce the Iranians traditions to new generations and other nations, and also to keep the traditions alive among the members..

Please see the Archive of the former events and the Future Events.


One of the vital missions of Dorehami is to connect people with common interests. The purpose is to expand our contacts and share moments with friends and families. Our members are young with or without kids, specific events are organized for such people to gather them for having fun, doing activities, playing games and so more. You may read more here.

Dorehami organizes also other activities for its members which has motion, sport and physical activities included, like dance, bowling and badminton.